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Elimination Communication

Hi, I am quite new here!

I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my first child and the other day I found myself wondering what people did before nappies (or diapers) were invented. Obviously cloth nappies were the norm for a long time, but I just couldn't shake this niggling thought.

Imagine my fascination a few days later when, while browsing the internet, I came across the phrase "Infant Potty Training". I discovered that in many other cultures across the world, mothers never use a nappy on their infants, and despite this, the babies never soil themselves, their bedding or their homes. Through a process called Elimination Communication, the mothers were so in tune with their children that they knew exactly when they were about to go and helped them do so hygienically and easily. The mother then makes a certain sound every time the infant "goes", which the infant eventually comes to associate with the process, and will hold his toileting needs until his mother makes the noise, indicating this is a good time to go.

I've found a few websites on this, and heard of a few books, but in our Western world it is virtually unheard of. Very few people do practice it, but some do.

So I was wondering:

Has anybody here heard of EC before? Does anyone have first hand experience of it?
Would anyone be interested in learning more? I can provide some links etc if anybody is.

I think it would be fantastic to meet someone else interested in ECing their child(ren) because I feel a bit daunted by the idea at the moment, though I absolutely love the idea of not using nappies at all.
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