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I wrote this up for a friend and thought I would share...

Today I took pictures of the toys that my son, who is six months old, currently plays with. Not everything is organic, or wooden or handmade like I would like, but I feel we have a great mix of things that I have purchased for him and things that other people (like my family) have bought for him going by our family's "standards" for toys.

A huge variety--he has under the nile soft toys, a Kaloo rattle, a playsilk from Monkey Stars!, wool balls from Indigo Onion, a tater taggie from Baby Taters, a beautiful amber teething necklace made by the lovely paixmaker, an Ugly Doll, wooden blocks from Pottery Barn Kids, wooden rattles from ebay, a Gotz doll and a Skwish.

These are his puzzles (for 1+, I know, bad mom!) and his Monday the Bullfrog book, which was a gift.

Good Sources I Have Utilized

Most of the stuff that isn't organic or handmade that he has was in fact a gift from well meaning people whose use of the internet is shaky at best. I think almost all of the puzzles he has are from TJ Maxx (quite a bit of Melissa and Doug items and where I found his Puzzibilities puzzle in the clearance bin for two dollars!) or Home Goods. Dilliards, Macy's and Goodwill are also great sources for wooden items, believe it or not.

I have lots of other toys that are still put away for him because of his age. He has a merman from Where's Waldorf, an OV Kritter from Indigo Onion, a ton of wooden trains, cars and animals, most handcrafted.

My goal in buying toys is most elegantly stated by Playstore Toys.

Most importantly, however, I think Liam genuinely loves his toys.

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I don't mean to sound rude, but I'm curious because I've seen this in a few LJs recently - what is the point to having only organic or wood toys for your children? Is there some particular philosophy behind it?
It's not rude at all. =)

There are actually quite a few philosophies behind it--if you google Montessori, Waldorf, Goddard, Haba (all of which deal with preschool education) you find the toys and tools that are endorsed by these particular teaching systems.

My favorite summary of my own personal reasons is found here but what it boils down to for me is sustainability, health and support for artisans/small businesses. Sustainability because plastic is made from a nonrenewable resource (oil) and natural fiber toys are not, health because plastics are shown to emit phylates (see here) and support for artisans for obvious reasons.

Does that help at all?
Arrrgh. I always wanted to buy that carrot whenever I saw it at Whole Foods. For myself. But now it's gone~! D:
LOL, we found it at Whole Foods too. I practically jumped on it since it was the only organic toy I've ever even seen in person.
I just had to check your profile to make sure you weren't the one who got my carrot~ :0. Instead I found adorable photos of your family, aww :)
Thanks for sharing! It looks like he has a great stash of toys :)

The little girl who I nanny has the vegetable set (the peas, carrot, tomato). They're awesome. She loves to suck on the tomato. :)

I'll have to go through each of the individual links later.

Oooh, I love the soft globe!
And the mushroom! Lol, I knew I was forgetting one of the vegetables.