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Ashley (but most people call me Ash)

I wrote this up for a friend and thought I would share...

Today I took pictures of the toys that my son, who is six months old, currently plays with. Not everything is organic, or wooden or handmade like I would like, but I feel we have a great mix of things that I have purchased for him and things that other people (like my family) have bought for him going by our family's "standards" for toys.

A huge variety--he has under the nile soft toys, a Kaloo rattle, a playsilk from Monkey Stars!, wool balls from Indigo Onion, a tater taggie from Baby Taters, a beautiful amber teething necklace made by the lovely paixmaker, an Ugly Doll, wooden blocks from Pottery Barn Kids, wooden rattles from ebay, a Gotz doll and a Skwish.

These are his puzzles (for 1+, I know, bad mom!) and his Monday the Bullfrog book, which was a gift.

Good Sources I Have Utilized

Most of the stuff that isn't organic or handmade that he has was in fact a gift from well meaning people whose use of the internet is shaky at best. I think almost all of the puzzles he has are from TJ Maxx (quite a bit of Melissa and Doug items and where I found his Puzzibilities puzzle in the clearance bin for two dollars!) or Home Goods. Dilliards, Macy's and Goodwill are also great sources for wooden items, believe it or not.

I have lots of other toys that are still put away for him because of his age. He has a merman from Where's Waldorf, an OV Kritter from Indigo Onion, a ton of wooden trains, cars and animals, most handcrafted.

My goal in buying toys is most elegantly stated by Playstore Toys.

Most importantly, however, I think Liam genuinely loves his toys.

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